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I'm current taking Kidney Restore II three times per day.  For how long that I need to take this medication. Eight month ago I was Spillage 12.000 of protein in 24 hours. It has gone down to 6,400 .

As a retired R.N., I was skeptical of the claims for Kidney Restore II, Kidney Booster and 'Kidney Helper". After taking 1 month, my labs are coming up, function improving, by the month.  I am convinced.
Virginia Brown

I have been on Dialysis for 4 months. I started taking Blood Pressure Helper and Kidney Restore II. Is there anything else I can take to bring my Creatinine level down. When I started Dialysis it was 8.5, I have been able to bring it down to 6.5 now. Now that I am taking Kidney Restore II and Blood Pressure Helper, I want to know if there is anything else that I can take to bring my Creatinine level to normal levels faster. (Yes use Kidney Booster – Healthy Living)

I am now on my second month of kidney Restore II. I don't know if it is too early to reach any conclusion but you should have seen the face of my nephrologists when the result of my urinalysis came out. During the past 3 yrs. my nephritis discovered my protein results were always high +4,+3,+2 My latest result done July 11,2005 was +1. The only words my nephrologist could say was 'this is fantastic, he would now like me to take a 24 hr. test to authenticate my urinalysis test since this the more accurate test.

I would like to tell you how well your product has worked for me. My protein spillage has dropped in half in just over two months on your product from 560 to 250. My lab results at my doctor are trending down , I am able to sleep at night instead of going to the bathroom every two hours, my thirst for water is a lot less, it is like a new life for me. I only have one kidney and with your product hopefully I can make it last a lot longer.
Thanks again,
Dean Hall

"I have membrane proliferative glomerulonephritis. My proteinuria was 2800-3000 mg. Over the years I have been resistant to all immune supportive drugs and have had liver damage as the side effect. I began taking Kidney Restore II in November of 1997. To my surprise my proteinuria was reduced to 500 mg in only one month, and my BUN and creatinine levels returned to normal in four months. I remained on the herbal formulas until November of 2000. To this very day I am still healthy and without any touch of kidney disease." -- Rob Renton, AZ


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Herbal Combination for Kidney Restore II:
Poria, Alisma, Rehmannia, Morinda, Astragalus, Cyperus, and Dioscorea.
We do not use binders or fillers.
Tablet Count: 200 Tablets
Servings Per Bottle: Approx. 40
Net Weight: 500mg
Suggested Use: 3-5 tablets twice daily
Health Category: Kidney / Bladder

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